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Exhibitor Information and Rules & Regulations

Exhibitor Information
  • Please make sure that you read the Rules and Regulations
  1. Electrical Issues:
  • Please fill out the appliance list on the registration form by no later than 30 September 2019.
  1. Exhibitor Access Hours:
  • Daily from 07:00 - 19:00
  • Build-up: Tuesday 8 October 2019 as well as Wednesday 9 October 2019 from 07:00 – 19:00
  • Livestock Pavilion Break down: Saturday 12 October 2019 from 17:30 – 21:00 & Sunday 13 October 2019 from 07:00 – 11:00
  • Die Groot Plaasproe Break down: Sunday 13 October 2019 from 17:30 – 21:00 & Monday 14 October 2019 from 07:00 – 12:00
  • Power off: 14 October at 12:00
  • Professional stand-builders can contact the organiser’s office for early access

      Agri-Expo               021 975 4440
      Ann Dalton            082 550 4700
      Reinette Basson   082 592 9511
      Charlotte Sandenbergh          084 587 0651

  1. Exhibitor Corporate Tickets:
  • Please Note: No corporate tickets will be sold after 10:00 on Friday 11 October 2019.
  • This concession is limited to fifteen (15) corporate tickets per company.
  • Price for extra corporate tickets TBC.
  • Collection of corporate tickets as from Monday 7 October 2019.
  1. Extra Exhibitors’ Badges:
  • 6 (six) exhibitors badges per exhibitor.
  • Any extra exhibitors badges can be ordered from the organiser’s office.
  1. Manning of Stands:
  • Livestock Pavilion: Stands must be fully operational and manned from 09:00 until 17:00 from Thursday 10 October to Saturday 12 October 2019.
  • Die Groot Plaasproe: Stands must be fully operational and manned from 09:00 until 17:00 from Thursday 10 October to Sunday 13 October 2019.
  1. Payment:
  • Final date of payment prior to the event is 27 September 2019.
  1. Storage:
  • Limited storage will be available from Tuesday 8 October 2019.

Rules & Regulations


These Rules and Regulations will apply to each and every exhibitor with a registered stand at the Event. The registered owner of the stand will be held responsible for ensuring that the person(s) manning the stand (whether staff members or contracted students) are well-informed about these rules.



While it is obligatory to offer free tastings at your stand during the Event, it is recommended that this be kept under strict control, in your own interest and that of the organisers. The organisers considered a coupon system for tastings, but after consultation with cellars decided not to implement this option. All exhibitors with alcohol on their stands are therefore requested to adhere to the following in the interest of responsible use of alcohol at the Event:

  • The organisers have a blanket liquor license to cover the event.
  • It is illegal to supply samples or sell liquor to persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) years.
  • On each fascia the following wording will appear: “No alcohol will be served to persons under the age of 18 years. Please have your ID readily available.”
  • Kindly ascertain that the persons serving at your stand are responsible individuals that will be able to enforce this rule when serving tasters or selling alcohol.
  • Any violations of the above will result in the immediate termination of license facilities and the close-down of your stand.
  • No promotions on double tasters will be allowed.
  • Please supply the Organiser with a copy of your valid Liquor Licence.


There will be ATMs at the venue. Exhibitors are however reminded to make arrangements regarding sufficient cash floats and transit of large cash amounts if necessary.



 Exhibitors should arrange for a representative to be on their stand during the build-up period to receive goods and deliveries. As soon as unloading/loading is complete during the allocated time period, vehicles are to be removed from this area to allow other exhibitors access.


The organisers cannot accept delivery of any goods on behalf of an exhibitor, nor will the organisers accept any responsibility whatsoever for the safety or condition of any items unloaded and/or left on site, in the absence of exhibitors. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for goods damaged on the exhibition premises.


Empty packaging may not be stored on exhibitors’ stands


Exhibitors will be responsible for costs incurred through damage to any part of the tent or shell scheme stands or exhibits caused by the transportation of their equipment outside and inside the exhibition area. Any such damage must immediately be reported to the organisers’ office.


Deliveries during the event: Deliveries should be completed an hour before the start of the event each day. Deliveries cannot take place during the open hours of the Event. Access will be allowed by way of an exhibitor’s badge. Please ensure that you purchase sufficient badges in order to eliminate unnecessary disturbance and frustration at the point of entry. NO STAFF OR FORKLIFTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR OFF-LOADING!

  • Exhibitors are only allowed to display or hand out literature or material from within the boundaries of their stand. This excludes display of banners arranged with the organisers beforehand.
  • Vehicles parked at the venue may not be used to display promotional material.
  • Promotional material to be handed out with supplied goodie bags, either paid for or as revenue for a sponsorship, will only be allowed at the sole discretion of the organiser.


 Please make sure that you have a representative present during the build-up period for the placement of spotlights (if ordered) and plug points, as there will be an additional charge should you wish to move them(see info page point ‘1’ for dates).

  • Only the official electrical contractor may make final connections to the mains.
  • The official electrical contractor has the right to ask any exhibitor to disconnect faulty appliances.
  • Any damage caused by faulty equipment will be charged to the exhibitor.

Please fill out appliance list on the registration form (see info page point ‘1’ for dates).

  Important Notes:
  • Please do not exceed the wattage draw-off from the power points you have ordered. This will result in power outages and the organisers will prevent you from connecting these appliances for the duration of the festival.
  • The use of ripcord for wiring on stands is not permitted.
  • Socket outlet multi-way adapters are not permitted.
  • A qualified person should test appliances prior to electrical connection.


 Exhibitors are entitled to purchase corporate tickets. Please make sure that you complete the ticket requirements on the registration form (see info page point ‘2’ for more details).



Exhibitors and their staff will be required to wear an exhibitor’s badge for access to the venue during the Event. Each 3 x 3m stand will be issued with six exhibitor’s badges for the duration of the event. These badges are for the sole use of exhibitors. Please note that this rule will be strictly enforced.


Exhibitors may access their stands daily before the Event opens to prepare their stands. The stands must be cleared within an hour of the Event closure.


Exhibitors and staff should display exhibitor badges at all times (including build-up, festival hours and break down). Exhibitor badges are valid for one entry per day and will be clipped by security at the point of entry. Security may refuse admission to anyone failing to produce an official exhibitor’s badge. Badges will be available for collection at the organisers’ office at Sandringham. See “Stand Registration and Ticket form” for orders (see info page point ‘3’ for details.)>


A resting place (next to the organisers’ office) with free coffee and tea will be available for exhibitors to rest their feet. Do make use of this facility.


To help maintain the high standard of the exhibition, trophies for excellence will be awarded in different categories to stand holders who take up the challenge of marketing themselves and their products in the best possible manner within their means. Floating trophies as well as individual trophies are awarded to winning stands. Both may be exhibited on winning stands during the Event, but the floating trophies must be returned to the organisers’ office before the close of the event on the last day.


The display and use of firearms is not permitted at the exhibition venue. Upon entering the gates, all firearms must be declared to Security.


Exhibitors are requested to have fire extinguishers available at their stands, where possible. The organisers will also have extinguishers placed in strategic places at the venue.


A First Aid room, manned by a professional medical team, will be situated next to the organisers’ office (see layout) Serious emergencies will be taken to hospital, but the organisers will not be liable for any costs incurred. Please report any accidents to the organisers’ office immediately.


 Exhibitors are reminded that all items on hire remain their responsibility until equipment is collected or returned to the relevant companies. The organisers will take no responsibility for goods on behalf of the exhibitor, neither for ensuring their safe return.


 The organisers, whilst taking every reasonable precaution, expressly decline any responsibility for loss or damage, which may befall the property of an exhibitor through any cause whatsoever.


 Exhibitors are advised to contact their insurance companies to negotiate the necessary extra clauses to their existing policies. The organisers are not responsible for the insurance of exhibitors’ goods.

  • Property damage / loss and personal injury: Each exhibitor enters the venue at his/her own risk and is responsible for the safety of his/her own staff, property, stand and its contents. We therefore strongly recommend that each exhibitor insures himself/herself against the kinds of risks which may occur in connection with an exhibition for the full period of the Festival, including the build-up and break down periods. Insurance against all or any loss and/or damage which he/she may suffer or liability which he/she may incur with regard to

exhibit and display materials, furniture and equipment, personal effects, etc. is recommended.  Also remember goods in transit.

  • Public liability. The organisers require each exhibitor to hold insurance cover for Public Liability Indemnity and may require evidence that this is in place.

The organisers’ office will be located within convenient reach of all exhibitors (see layout).

  • Please note that the telephone and photocopier in the organisers’ office are for the organisers’ use only.
  • If exhibitors wish to be contacted during the exhibition, they must use cellular phones.
  • The organisers’ office will be open daily during exhibition hours and the organising staff will be there to assist you with any queries or problems you may have.

There will be various colour coded parking areas at the venue set aside for exhibitors and this will be utilised on a first-come-first-served basis. Access will be granted with the showing of exhibitor parking disks only. Two parking discs will be issued per exhibitor


The official Security personnel reserves the right to control traffic and to remove illegally parked vehicles which are obstructing access areas or parked in such a way that they impede activities relating to the services provided, or are deemed to be dangerous to the general public. Vehicles that are parked in restricted areas will be removed.


Preparation areas will be provided for use by exhibitors to assist in their preparation of products for their stands. These are shared areas – please keep them clean and be considerate. The areas are marked on the layout.


A full PR and marketing campaign is specifically compiled each year which focuses on the theme of the year. We need as much information as possible regarding your business as well as details of new products that you may be launching at the Event. Kindly forward any material directly to the Corporate Communication Manager at


All registration forms must be completed in full, including Company name, VAT no, address, responsible person and contact number as well as the fascia name to appear on your stand. In addition, it is vital to advise exactly what products will be available on your stand. The organisers will strictly monitor the products sold and no exhibitor may deviate from the stated items. All electrical, storage and ticket/badge requirements must also be completed.



 The official security contractor appointed to the exhibition is the only security company permitted at the venue. (See Suppliers List).

  • The organisers will provide 24-hour security from the beginning of build-up until the end of break down.
  • Companies wishing to arrange additional security for their specific stands are asked to contact the Security Contractor for a quote. At least 48 hours advance notice is required.
  • Use of the official Security Contractor is obligatory.

It must be stressed that neither the organisers nor the security operators at the venue can be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitors’ property. Please be vigilant!


The following points should be carefully noted:

  • During build-up: The organisers will provide overall security, but not individual stand security. With the large number of people involved during the build-up and break down periods, it is difficult to recognise trespassers so small valuable items should be protected at all times and always have someone manning your stand. Insurance cover is essential.
  • During the exhibition period: Exhibition areas will be kept closed overnight and entrance prohibited to all, including exhibitors, from an hour after the event closes every day until exhibitor access the following morning (see info Page point ‘5’ for times).
  • During break down: With the opening of exhibition areas for dismantling on break down day, security will be present, but it is essential that you remove all portable and valuable items immediately. Please have someone on your stand until all items are removed.

Exhibitors are reminded that the Event is a non-smoking exhibition. Any enclosed exhibition area, whether of permanent or temporary structure, is strictly non-smoking.



Exhibitors are reminded that their activities, unless otherwise agreed to by the organisers, must remain within the confines of their stands.

  • Disposal of soft waste is the responsibility of the organisers.
  • Bins will be available for paper and general waste.
  • Refuse bags are available on request at the organisers’ office.
  • Cleaning will be done daily after closing time. However, for the security of your property, no cleaning will be done by the organisers inside stands. Exhibitors are to ensure that they keep the inside of their stands clean.
  • To eliminate any confusion and for security purposes, only rubbish left in the aisle after closing times, will be removed.

During the Event’s official trading times all stands must be completely open, exhibits presentable for public viewing and have an adequate number of exhibitor’s staff in attendance. Stands must be manned no later than 15 minutes before the opening time each day. Under no circumstances may any stand or part thereof be closed before closing time. We kindly request that exhibitors adhere to this request for the benefit of the public.


The organisers strongly recommend that exhibitors protect their stands with a night security screen. A safety sail, which closes your stand area during closing hours, is available for hire (please see Suppliers List).

  STORAGE (where applicable)

  Wines / perishables  
  • Limited cooling facilities will be available for storing of wines and perishables.
  • Stock can be put into storage but the organisers will not accept goods on behalf of exhibitors (see Deliveries) (see info page point ‘8’ for storage dates).
  • Please book your space by completing the storage section on the registration form.
  • It is advisable that exhibitors have their own refrigerators on their stands.
  • The organisers accept no responsibility for the loss, damage or spoiling of wine or perishables. Exhibitors’ own insurance should cover any such loss.

No subletting of stands is allowed without the permission of the organisers.


All exhibitors excluding catering stands will be required to have free tasters of their products available to visitors. Cellars sharing a stand with a restaurant must also have free tastings. PLEASE NOTE: No wine sales by the glass will be allowed.  NO ALCOHOL SALES BEFORE 11:00 am.


The organisers want all visitors to have a fantastic experience at the Event. Please make sure that tasters are available for the full duration of the event. This important matter should be managed well so that exhibitors do not run out of products by the last day.


Payment for exhibition stands and additional services is required in advance of the Event.

  • All outstanding balances are due and are to be made payable to Agri-Expo.
  • Bank account details are listed in the “GENERAL” section.

Non-refundable deposit: 60% of the booking fee accompanying each stand registration form will be a non-refundable deposit to secure your stand at the Event. Stands cancelled less than three weeks prior to the event will receive no refund of deposit or booking fee (see info page point ‘7’ for date).


Account Name: Agri-Expo
Account Number: 072313382
Bank: Standard Bank
Bank Branch: Helderberg
Branch Code: 033 012

Please note: Exhibitors will NOT be allowed onto their stands unless the organisers have received full payment in respect of stands, tickets and extra badges. With regards to the payment of services, please ensure that payment is made to the correct company. Suppliers will not fulfil their orders unless full payment has been received.


Agri-Expo is a member of AAXO (The Association of African Exhibition Organisers). AAXO’s main objective is to support the industry by:

  • protecting the interests of members, exhibitors and show visitors
  • expanding the industry’s skills
  • promoting the exhibition medium.
  Their contact details are :   Tel: 011 549 8300 or website: