Well-known cattle breeder makes history

Bekende beesteler maak geskiedenis
October 17, 2017
Waldor die groot(ste) gunsteling
October 20, 2017

Andrew Masterson, well-known cattle breeder from the Eastern Cape, made history by winning both the Dairy as well as the Beef Interbreed Championships at this year’s Agri-Expo Livestock on Saturday 14 October at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch. Masterson’s Holstein cow Milagro Sexie 13140 was crowned as the FNB Dairy Queen and his Black Angus cow Milagro Power 1324 as the BKB Beef Queen.

Masterson, from Milagro Farm outside Oesterbaai in the Eastern Cape and chairperson of the Angus Cattle Breeders’ Association of South Africa, says winning both championships is a huge honour especially as the standard is very high at Livestock. “This year’s Livestock is the best exposure I have ever received at a show in South Africa – I have never seen as many people at a cattle show as on Saturday. Livestock offers us an excellent marketing opportunity to show our best animals, firstly to the public and secondly to potential buyers,” says Masterson.

According to Johan Ehlers, Chief Executive Officer of Agri-Expo, it is an exceptional achievement for one breeder to win both interbreed championships. “Agri-Expo Livestock over the past four years established itself as the most prestigious cattle expo in South Africa and hosts the biggest dairy and beef cattle interbreed championships of its kind, with more than 200 head of cattle of outstanding quality participating in the show. It is exceptional to have eleven different cattle breeds and three dairy breeds at a show and proves that Agri-Expo Livestock is on an international standard.  We are proud to have received almost 14 000 people at Agri-Expo Livestock this year,” says Ehlers.

Agri-Expo Livestock is supported by more than 20 breeders’ associations. It currently is the largest dairy show in South Africa with participation by the Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey Breeders’ Societies. In the beef cattle interbreed championship 11 different breeds compete in six different classes. The Hereford, Simmentaler, Limousin and Angus breeds were this year’s winners, with Masterson’s Black Angus that won the prized title.

The dairy interbreed championship was judged by Herman Duvenage, senior judge of all beef cattle- and  dairy breeds in South Africa, as well as by two international judges, Harry Schuiling from Holland and Neal Smith from the USA. Their participation was made possible by Semex South Africa and the Ayrshire Breeders’ Society. The cattle interbreed championships was judged by Duvenage and Willie de Jager, chairperson of the South African Interbreed Judges’ Panel.

Agri-Expo, a non-profit agricultural society, promotes the image of agriculture through marketing initiatives such as expos, including the South African Cheese Festival and Agri-Expo Livestock. For more information, visit www.agriexpo.co.za, follow Agri-Expo on Facebook or Twitter, or contact Agri-Expo at 021 975 4440 or admin@agriexpo.co.za.

BKB Beef Queen: Andrew Masterson’s Black Angus cow Milagro Power 1324 was crowned as the BKB Beef Queen on Saturday 14 October 2017 at Agri-Expo Livestock at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch. From left to right are Danwill Daniels (groom), Andrew Masterson, Colette Masterson, Hein Vollgraaff (Manager Livestock  BKB Western Cape), Johan Ehlers (Chief Executive Officer Agri-Expo), Willie de Jager (interbreed judge and chairperson of the SA Interbreed Judges’ Association) and Herman Duvenage (interbreed judge and SA Holstein General Manager).

FNB Dairy Queen: Andrew Masterson’s Holstein cow Milagro Sexie 13140 was crowned as the FNB Dairy Queen on Saturday 14 October 2017 at Agri-Expo Livestock at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch. To the left are judges Herman Duvenage, Neal Smith (USA) and Harry Schuiling (Holland). To the right are Andrew Masterson, Lize Loots (Agriculture: Marketing and Events at FNB), Charl Sandenbergh (FNB Regional Head of Agriculture in the Western and Eastern Cape), Johan Beukes (Agri Manager at FNB), and Colette and Amy Masterson.